About the Workshops

The Marco Rizo Latin American Music Project (SAMPI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exposition of Latino musical heritage as it has evolved in the western hemisphere.

Through a series of highly organized workshops, participants learn to play a wide gamut of percussion, experiment with rhythms and experience polyrhythms.

Integral to the program is a dynamic multimedia presentation of the musicís history illustrating itís African, European and indigenous historical roots. Founded in 1974 by Mr. Rizo and Desi Arnaz aimed to expose Latinos as well as non-Latinos to their musical heritage in order to foster intercultural appreciation and common understanding.

The workshops provide an excellent study of the contribution of Latin Music to North American culture and conversely examining the impact of Jazz on Caribbean music. Music literacy is promoted through illustrations of notated rhythms and their interpretations through hands-on performances.

At the end of the workshops the participants will perform the material they have learned in ensemble, accompanied by Rizoís Latin Jazz Quartet.†

These workshops offer your school or institutionthe opportunity to host its program for a series of workshops. Please contact us for further information.


For more information: contact Ms.Vilma Rizo at† Sampi Records 310 Lexington Avenue #13C New York, NY 10016.
Or e-mail us at vilriz@aol