1) Marco Rizo Plays Carnival Miami

2) Marco Rizo Pianist - Composer

3) A Tribute to Lucy

4) Marco Rizo Plays Caribbean Dances

5) Marco Rizo “Mambo Boys"

6) Ernesto Lecuona,    A Musical Legacy

7) Habaneras, Marco Rizo

8) Music of Marco Rizo (Suite of the Americas) (Sinfonía Cubana)

9) Sonido de Marco Rizo

10) That Latin Touch (Marco Rizo)

11) Marco Rizo with his Piano and Latin Rhythms

12) Enchantment

13) Marco Rizo & his Orchestra

14) Leroy Anderson in Latin America

15) Morning Melody  (Marco Rizo & his Orchestra)

16) The Mark of Rizo (Marco Rizo & his Orchestra)

17) Marco Rizo su Piano y su Sonido Internacional del 70

18) A la Cubanola

19) For Dancers Only (American Ballroom Styles)

20) Marco Rizo Performing his own Compositions

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For more information: contact Ms.Vilma Rizo at  Sampi Records 310 Lexington Avenue #13C New York, NY 10016. Or e-mail us at vilriz@aol.com

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